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               AIR CARGO
               SURVEY & TALLY
               INFRASTRUCTURE-Consulting / Handling of Projects/Port Projects
               COLD STORAGE-Assisting in establishing and running of projects

  1. Shipping Agencies (Container, Breakbulk, Oil Tankers, LPG and Car Carriers)

  2. Consolidation

  3. Sea / Air & Air / Sea Services

  4. NVOCC (Non-Vessel Operating Container Carrier)

  5. Transportation

  6. Acceptance of Loose Cargo

  7. Crew changes, delivery of ship spares, replenishment of fresh water and bunkers etc. Our authorities are very flexible on visa formalities for crew joining and repatriated. High speed motor launches are available for OFF PORT LIMIT

AIV management has extensive experience relating to all shipping activities and is an institute in itself as it has the most experienced staff from Liner operations to NVOCC operations. We are committed in providing a full range of shipping services to our customers and clients. We have with us a very strong team of professionals, having a vast experience in all Shipping fields. It is a combination of seniors with experience of 25-30 years and juniors with experience of 5-8 years. By having such a combination we can provide custom made services as per requirements of our customers with our company history, we enjoy the best reputation in this sector.

Our  network   is  fully  geared and equipped with the most advanced working platform, capable  enough to  provide  a tailor made cost  effective logistics services to  our  valued  customers. All aspects of shipping related activities are handled by our organization.
AIV provides liner service ranging from Containerised Vessel, Ro Ro Vessels, Tankers, Project Cargo vessel.
The logistics / consolidation section offers the logistics / consolidation facility within the city and to various ICD’s in Pakistan
AIV also offers Ware-housing, Storage, Segregation, Sorting, Re-labeling, Bar-coding, GOH, Palletization services to customers on demand using advance computer systems according to the needs and desire.


AIV has a trading division with a dedicated staff having an excellent network in the local & international market. We seek clients and suppliers and provide them with best business opportunities.


AIV has expertise in Infrastructure Development and The Chief executive of AIV is a Member of an Executive Committee and Chairperson Sub-Committee for Ports and Shipping, Logistics and Infrastructure of the Italian Developmet opportunities in various sectors specifically in integrated cold chain projects.nt Council. He has taken the initiative of travelling to Italy numerous times to promote various infrastructure projects in Pakistan, which include KPT Harbor Crossing and Cable Stay Bridge Project amongst many other projects, These projects are highly profitable and workable making economic viability to those interested parties who are willing to take up such projects.


AIV's has experienced and a dedicated team to cater to the needs of establishing and running of Cold Storage in Pakistan as it has great potential of development. Efforts are being made to establish cold storage units and to develop fleet of reefer containers as an integrated part of supply chain For this purpose Italian companies have shown their interest to explore investmen


AIV has highly experienced personnel being well versed in their fields AIV is committed to not just provide consultancy to our customers but to cater to their needs just like our own with utmost perfection and dedication.


At AIV we also cater to all the needs where travel operations and hospitality are concerned. We arrange for our Principles, as well as local trade arranging for them custom made travel packages comprising of air tickets, accommodation to tourist guides and tourism plans. It is a one roof service with one window operation being affiliated with all the top notch service providers in Pakistan.


We have expertise in mineral trading. We have access in obtaining concessions on mines. The core commodities are manganese, copper, gold, iron ore, marble (Ziarat white and green onyx) Chromium etc.


Pakistan being surrounded by landlock countries & being blessed by sea port has ample of potential for types of logistics activities.

Aviation Services in Pakistan has a predominant share by private sector players. In consonance with the privatization policy it encourages private sector to enter into the air travel services, three private air lines are operating successfully on local and international routes. Gandhara International Airport in Islamabad is being constructed by a Chinese company; the total cost of the project is is Rs 63 billion. The first phase has been completed while the second phase will be completed by September 2012 and it would be operational by December 2012.

Railways is a national state-owned rail transport service of Pakistan. It provides an important mode of transportation throughout Pakistan. It is commonly referred to as the "life line of the country", by aiding in large-scale movement of people and freight throughout Pakistan and adjoining countries.

Pakistan railways having a lot of potential for growth now has a new division Public-Private Partnership Pakistan Railways which has shock hands with Private Operators. In this pursuit Pakistan Railway has started several trains on Public-Private Partnership. Pakistan Business Express Train commenced its maiden Journey on February 3. 2012 and Shalimar Express resumed its operation on February 25, 2012. Pakistan Railways is open for Public Private Patnership, leasing of routes & also for purchase of engines & equipments.

Road transport is the backbone of Pakistan's transport system. The 9,574 km long National Highway and Motorway network - which is 3.65 percent of the total road network - carries 80 percent of Pakistan's total traffic. Over the past ten years, road traffic – both passenger and freight - has grown significantly faster than the national economy. Currently, it is accounting for 91 percent of national passenger traffic and 96 percent of freight.

Currently two new projects for road links are in progress which would facilitate Afghanistan & Tajikistan for both passenger & Freight but freight would be the dominant factor as they are land lock countries.

The road from the northwestern Pakistani town of Bannu to Ghulam Khan 80-kilometre (50-mile) on the Afghan border will cost four billion rupees ($48 million),The road will provide a central trade route between Pakistan and Afghanistan where as the roadlink from Chitral, only 36km road can link Pakistan with Tajik border.

International bus services are also in consideration for Karachi-Quetta-Zahidan-Tehran, Iran

Islamabad-Dushanbe, Tajikistan, Islamabad-Kashghar, China & Muzaffarabad-Srinagar, India

AIV has expertise not only to support the infrastructure development but also to represent international operators & players in above sectors. AIV being a vigilant organization would not only assist players in bidding for projects, it will also provide complete assistance & guidance for the entire business process.



Aesthetically designed clothing has become more of a necessity than a luxury. We not only design clothes aesthetically but also based on their functional usage which enables us to satisfy our clients globally. We have an exclusive range which anticipates changing consumer tastes, patterns and styles to choose from. We can also cater to specific individual needs as & when required by our clients.
We specialize in Silk painting & have a notch for designs & options for same.


We believe that any space can be transformed with the help of conceptual development we believe in understanding the requirements of the stakeholders along with their taste & financial constrains



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